About Us

St David’s is situated on Swansea Bay, at the edge of the Gower Peninsula, an area of outstanding natural beauty. Near to the school are Langland, Caswell, Oxwich and Three Cliffs Bay, all centres of tourism, nature and sports. Swansea, Wales’ second city, is some three miles along the seafront.

The school caters for the spiritual and educational needs of Catholic children in the areas broadly to the west of the city. Non-Catholic children are always welcome, subject to the school’s admissions policy, and where parents show a commitment to the school’s principles and values.

Children may enter the nursery in the September following their third birthday (or on their third birthday, when space permits). From there they progress through the school to Year 6, and then move up to secondary school.

Free Transport to School
Children admitted to the school but living more than 2 miles away are entitled to free school transport, subject to the following rules:

  • Your child must live within the school’s agreed catchment area;
  • Free transport is only provided for full time children, not Nursery pupils.

However, pupils and/or those from outside our catchment area are able to purchase spare places on our buses, where they exist. For a description of the catchment area, and for details of the spare place scheme, please contact the Headteacher.

Gospel Ideals
Throughout the school, the highest regard is given to the Gospel ideals and their place in a modern world. Each child is is an individual within the family of the school, and the very best is sought for them in every regard.