Our Mission Statement

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Our purpose is to educate our children to the highest standards possible, in an overtly Catholic setting.


St. David’s Catholic Primary School is part of the living presence of Christ in the modern world. Part of our purpose is, by the education, care and protection of our children, to present a model of Christian living that is clear to all.


Everyone associated with St. David’s wants the school to stand out as a happy caring community, noted for the strength of its beliefs, its ethos, and the treatment of the people within it.

It is our desire that every child, irrespective of faith, age, gender, ability, or ethnicity attains the highest possible standards in relation to his or her potential.

To this end we acknowledge that the example, skill and experience of our staff are our key resource. We are committed, therefore, to the continued development of all our people.

How We Conduct Ourselves

At St. David’s, the concept of discipline and rules is linked to the beliefs upon which the school is built, and is reinforced by the ethos we seek to cultivate.

The notion of good behaviour is based upon the teachings of Christ, especially where the treatment of others is concerned. It is held as a central truth, that if we believe that Jesus would be unhappy with actions or treatment of others, then they are unacceptable. Therefore, children will be taught in the clearest terms what it means to ‘love one another’, the rules of the school and their purposes, and how everyone has a role to play in making the school a caring community. Children will be taught, in contexts and language appropriate to their development, the difference between right and wrong. This teaching will be present in every class and setting within the school.