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Dosbarth Bracelet Bay (Yr 4)

Home Learning Pack 1

February 2020 Half Term Homework (Eisteddfod Competitions)

Moulding Musical Minds Y4 Trip to the Brangwyn Hall

Reminder Letter for Llangrannog 2020

Llangrannog Residential Information (February 12th - February 14th)

Welcome to year 4! We are going to have a great year together. 


Autumn Term 2019

This half term our topic is Fabulous Forensics and later in the term we will be studying an environmental issue with our friends in Year 5 and 6. During our topic we will be learning to record ourselves on Flipgrid, use an online tool called Word Wall and Quizlet. We will also be learning to draw ourselves (portraits) , writing a newspaper article about Miss Richards' brand new bag going missing bag and learning to play Cluedo! In numeracy we will be measuring our bones and learning about the human body in science. We will also have visitors in from Gower College who will teach us about taking finger prints, making moulds of shoes, looking at blood under a microscope and more! Please see the EPIC planning you have planned with me for this half term, it is full of learning opportunities. 


Every Thursday we have P.E. This term it is dance and gym.


In Welsh we our learning to speak, read and write sentence patterns (Patrwn Yr Wythnos) which describe us! DYMA FI! Make sure you practice your Welsh at home so we can write an article for the Bore Da Magazine. 


EPIC Planning, Fabulous Forensics


Language, Literacy and Communication

  • Newspaper reports
  • Poetry: Limericks, calligrams, acrostics
  • Read the novel ‘Bill’s New Frock’
  • Write a story with a new identity
  • Write a confidential police fact file
  • Create a wanted poster
  • Interview suspects as a police detective
  • Write a play script of a crime
  • Descriptions

Expressive Arts

  • Portrait Drawing
  • Clays of busts
  • Skeleton art straws
  • Junk modelling of the organs of the human body
  • Portraits: Picasso style


  • People from the past and famous detective invention e.g fingerprints
  • Countries of the world and the different police
  • The history of the police
  • Investigating the local community (map work)
  • People from the past : social reformers

Maths & Numeracy

  • Measuring our body parts in mm, cm and m
  • Interpreting measuring and creating bar graphs
  • Measure the size of our feet and the size of the hands.
  • Weigh ourselves and make ourselves 10 x bigger (a giant) and x10 smaller (an ant)

Fabulous Forensics MTP

EPIC planning Y4


Memorable Experience: Fabulous Forensics visitor

Health and Well Being Well-Being

  • Taking turns at playing Operation
  • What do you do when there is a disagreement within in a game
  • Timing ourselves and improve our fitness
  • Research our own family tree
  • Research and learn about Jesus family tree and how those people help shape our lies today
  • Visit by the community police officer
  • Make up a ‘Cluedo’ like game
  • PE activities e.g dance, play robber / vegetable game

Science & Technology

  • What do you know about the human body?
  • Do you know the main organs inside your body?
  • How do our skeletons differ?
  • What do you know about teeth?
  • Why are our teeth different shapes and sizes?
  • Do all humans have the same number of teeth?
  • How do we know some drinks harm our teeth?
  • Do you know how to look after your teeth?



Welsh (Dyma Fi)


  • Pwy wyt ti? Jac ydw i. 
  • Ble rwyt ti'n byw? Dw i'n byw yn Sgeti, Abertawe, mewn ....
  • Gyda phwy wyt ti'n byw? Dw i'n byw gyda mam, dad a fy chwaer/ brawd...
  • Faint ydy dy oed di? Dw i'n naw oed.

Patrwn Yr Wythnos

  • Pryd mae dy ben-blwydd?  Mae fy mhenblwydd
  • i ym mis …
  • Ble wyt ti’n mynd i’r ysgol? Dw i'n mynd i Ysgol Gynradd Dewi Sant a dw i ym mlwyddyn pedwar.
  • Beth wyt ti’n hoffi yn yr ysgol? Dw i’n hoffi … achos …
  • Pa liw ydy dy wallt di? Mae gwallt … a lygaid .. (lliwiau)
  • Pa liw ydy dy lygaid di? Mae llygaid brown gyda fi.
  • Beth wyt ti'n hoffi i fwyta? Dw i'n hoffi bwyta ...
  • Beth wyth ti'n hoffi gwisgo? Dw i'n hoffi gwisgo ...
  • Oes hobbi gyda ti?
  • Beth wyt ti'n gallu wneud? Dw i'n gallu...
  • Oes anifail anwes gyda ti? Mae cath gyda fi...


  • Databases about physical features of the body within the class
  • Useof the green screen to record a crime
  • Flip grid
  • Online newspaper report writing
  • define cyberbullying;
  •  know how to respond to a hurtful message or comment online
  • access a trusted search engine;
  •  understand that different search terms give different results;
  • know what plagiarism is;
  •  identify which information to keep private online;
  • explain what digital citizenship is;
  • tell someone else at least one way to stay safe online