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Dosbarth Pwll Du (Yr 5)


Croeso i Blwydden 5/6. 

An awesome year is ahead. You will experience a range of different topics which are fun and exciting and which will support, challenge and extend your learning and consequently allow for high achievement. 




This term our topic is Rainforests. You will learn what and where rainforests are, what they contain and who lives there. Along the way you will also develop your writing using rainforest stories and persuasion. Explore the issues confronting indigenous peoples and the environment. Cherish rainforests and persuade others to do so too. You will get to know the four main layers of a rainforest and find out about the plants and the creatures that grow in the different layers and how they are adapted to live there. You will explore the life of tribal families who live in the rainforest and compare the way they live to your own family life. You will earn about the destruction of the rainforest. and research the arguments for and against deforestation.




In science we will be learning:

1. A comparison of the features of some natural and man-made materials.

2.. The properties of materials related to their uses.

5. How some materials are formed or produced.



In RE Topic Mission we will be learning:

To understand about the mission of inspirational leaders and that Dioceses continue the work and mission of Jesus including ecumenism.


In RE Topic Eucharist we will be learning:

To understand how memories are kept alive and that the Eucharist keeps the memory of Jesus’ sacrifice alive and present in a special way.


In RE Topic Eucharist we will be learning:

To understand about giving or refusing to give; appreciating the cost of giving and that Lent is a time of giving in preparation for the celebration of the sacrifice of Jesus.




In Welsh we are revising and drilling previous language patterns and learning to use the past tense to retell events and experiences to write ‘Newyddion.’ Use e.g

Ble est ti?  ▪ Es i i/i’r [place] gyda [person] ar/yn [when] .   ▪ Est ti i/i’r [place] ? Do/Naddo    ▪ Sut est ti?     ▪ Es i mewn/ar y/yn y [noun] .      ▪ Gyda pwy?       ▪ Es i gyda [person].        ▪ Rydyn ni’n mwynhau [verb] .         ▪ Dydyn ni ddim yn mwynhau [verb] .          ▪ Maen nhw eisiau [verb] .           ▪ Beth wyt ti’n feddwl o [noun/verb/person/book etc.] ?            ▪ Yn fy marn i mae [noun/verb/person/book etc.] yn                 [adjective] .             ▪ Dw i’n cytuno. Dw i’n anghytuno.              ▪ Beth wyt ti wedi bod yn wneud?               ▪ Dw i wedi bod yn [verb].



Years 5& 6

Memorable Experience

Visit to Plantasia



Write a journal entry as a rainforest animal

Conduct a debate on deforestation

Produce  a fact file  as rainforest animals

Write a persuasive letter

Non-chronological report writing

Write a journal entry as a rainforest animal



Create picture of the Rainforest based on John Dyer or  Nixiwaka Yananawam’s work



Create line graphs to show temperature differences between temperate Cardiff, UK and  Tropical Rainforest( Manaus,Brazil)

Calculate temperature differences, including those involving temperature rise and fall across 0°C in 8 rainforests across the world.



Use appropriate geographical vocabulary,

Label the continents and rainforests on a world map

 Identify and label the 4 layers/strata of a rainforest

Research the different types of foods that contain Palm Oil.



Write a prayer asking God to reduce our demands, and live more lightly on the earth.



Research using a variety of websites to find out interesting facts about the Rainforests of the world

Identify the different plants and animals you find in the rainforest, specific to the 4 layers. Understand and explain what deforestation is.

Understand and describe the reasons for the destruction of the Rainforest


Autumn Term.


This term our topic is ‘Fabulous Forensics.’ We will explore the world of human identity. We will be thinking about what makes us unique and we will be learning how our unique features can be used to tell us apart from others or help to solve a crime. Our topic will start with a visit from a team from Gower College. They will teach us how to take our own fingerprints, identify blood groups and analyse hair under a microscope and look at shoe print casts and explain how these are used to solve crimes. In literacy we will be writing newspaper feature articles, descriptions and non chronological reports. In numeracy we will be measuring the height of all the children in the class, calculate the average, produce bar graphs and pie charts to look for patterns and relationships among individual and class measurements.

Science, RE and Welsh will be taught separately.




In science we will be learning:

1.Through fieldwork about the plants and animals found in two contrasting local environments. We will pay a visit to Margam Discovery Centre.

2.The interdependence of living organisms in the environments and their representation as food chains

3.The environmental factors that affect what grows and lives in the environment, e.g. sunlight, water availability, temperature.




In RE Topic Ourselves we will be learning:

1.  Each person is made in the image of God.

2. To know ourselves and to appreciate that our value and uniqueness is central to our wellbeing.


In RE Topic Life Choices we will be learning:

To  know and understand the call to life and love within the community: marriage.


In RE Topic Hope we will be learning:

To know and understand that Advent is the church’s season of waiting in joyful hope for the coming of Jesus, the promised one, at Christmas and at the end of time.


To understand that Advent, a time of joyful expectation of Christmas, the Word becoming a human person, Jesus.



In Welsh we are learning to speak, read and write Year 5/6 sentence patterns which describe us. ‘DYMA FI.’



Years 5&6

Memorable Experience

Visit from Gower College Team

( Forensic Department)



Feature articles

News paper reports

Read novel ‘Bill’s Frock’

Narrative – Identity change

Report writing


Create posters




Composite sketches

Fingerprint Art

Identify instruments and sounds they make. Create a piece of music for new CSI TV programme




Measuring height and finding averages

Solve problems related to body measurements

As a social reformer conduct a survey on national/school issues

Graph work of data collected.

Analysis of data.




Research social reformers

Identify primary & secondary sources

Solve a crime using deductive reasoning

History of detective inventions eg DNA




Pulse Rate/ Still /After exercise

Improve fitness/ PE activities











Taking our fingerprints