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Dosbarth Pwll Du

A Word from Your Expressive Arts Leaders 24/05/21

Hello. We are the Expressive Arts Leader for year 5. Our names are Georgia and Sofia. We love art, crafts, singing, dancing and performing.

In Dosbarth Pwll Du this term, we have been learning about Fabulous Pharaohs and have done many Expressive Arts this term and all year, even during lockdown! Some of the activities we have learnt this half term are how to design a Egyptian death mask (and why), creating a sphinx (Origami), preforming an Ancient Egyptian play, Making  an Egyptian piece of jewellery and inventing and performing and Egyptian dance with our friends.

A Word from Your Humanities Leaders 17/05/21

Hello everyone,

Our names are Aaron and Yoann and we are Y5’s Humanities Leaders. In Dosbarth Pwll Du this term, we have been learning about Fabulous Pharaohs. We have learnt about places and landmarks in, Ancient Egyptian timelines and important people, daily life, looked at historical artefacts and learnt about hieroglyphics and more! We have been learning how to write a non-Chronological report about one aspect that we really want to know about in Ancient Egyptian times!

Mrs. Winchester has uploaded a Pharaoh’s homework sheet for you to try in the week and especially over half term. Give it a go people!


A Word from Your Science and Technology Leaders 10/05/21

Hello everyone,

Our names are Eric and Jack. Last week, in year 5, in science we observed different types of rocks and understood that rocks can be classifies as igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. We had to describe the texture and colour, measure to the nearest millimetre the rock’s size and make observational drawings. We recorded our observations in a table that we designed ourselves.

This week we had to investigate the best rock to use to build a house/ pyramid. We used water (to test if it was waterproof), vinegar (acidity) and tested for hardness (strength). We were real scientists!

There are some tiles on J2 Launch for you to look at to help you understand rocks better.

A Word from Your Maths and Numeracy Leaders - 04/05/21

Hello everyone,

Our names are Zach and Alfie. This week in year 5, we have been converting fractions into decimals and back again. In mental maths, we have also been adding decimals (tenths and hundredths) which we found tricky but we are getting there!

Hope you have a great weekend and do not forget to practice your targeted times table son TT Rockstars or even practice them in the car and get your parents to test you!

A Word from Your Language, Literacy Leaders - 30/04/21

Hi guys! What a great week in our class. We are the Literacy Leaders for year 5 and we want remind you of a few amazing things we have done this week.

In reading, we have been looking at an African Tale called ‘The Two Cooking Pots’. It had a moral to the legend, which was even though something might not be perfect it will still have a use.

We have been learning to spell words ending in the suffix –en. Don’t forget to learn your words for a test next week!

We have also written an independent non-chronological report based on one aspect of the Ancient Egyptians. We used Power-point to write it and learnt how to use the notes and create hyperlinks. We will use this to present it on Tuesday and Wednesday in front of the class! Why don’t you have a go at practicing your presentation in front of a mirror or using Flipgrid? It will really help you engage the audience!

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